Offstage Elements Short Synopsis

Five musically talented, middle-aged men, have  been in a hard rock/heavy metal band together for more than ten years.  The band, Brass Angel, is fronted by Vik, the lead singer and manager of the band.  After battling a scary fight with testicular cancer, Vik's bad boy reputation has been completely reformed through his rediscovered Christianity.  Now a reborn Christian, he faces many opposing views and challenges with, not only his non-Christian band mates, but also his nitty gritty fans.  As the band begins to reach a new height of success, they each find themselves going through their own personal life crisis', uncovering their differences from one another, yet finding strength through their friendship and the band.    

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Director Frank Lisi of DreamQuest Entertainment

Maria Viola Jefferson

Creator, Writer, Producer

Meet the Lead & Principal cast for Offstage Elements


Director Frank Lisi and Writer/Producer Maria Jefferson